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Sharing Data using Globus

Laurel Wamsley
posted this on April 15, 2013, 17:22

Globus offers the ability to easily share your data with other researchers who have Globus accounts. The instructions below show you how to create a shared endpoint and grant permissions to those who can access it.

Note: Shared endpoints may only be created on managed endpoints that are part of an active Provider plan subscription). If you wish to share from a personal endpoint (e.g. your laptop) or transfer files between two personal endpoints you must be a Globus Plus user. Please contact your research computing center or IT manager to upgrade your Globus account to Plus. If your institution does not have a Provider plan subscription, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

  1. Log into Globus and navigate to the Start Transfer page.
  2. Select the endpoint that has the files/folders you wish to share, and activate the endpoint, i.e. login with your username and password for that endpoint.
  3. Highlight the folder that you would like to share, and select the "share" option from the function menu. If the "share" option is not enabled, the endpoint is not configured for sharing. Please contact your endpoint administrator or refer to Globus Endpoint Administrator's Guide for information on how to update the endpoint configuration.

3. Provide a name for the shared endpoint, ranantha#demo in this example, and click on Create and Manage Access.


4. Set permissions on that shared endpoint. Choose Search for User and Groups, and set read or write permissions. Note: allowing write access implies the user can modify and/or delete the files or folders you give them access to. The option to delegate is not yet supported.


You can set individual permissions (granted to Globus user ‘rachana’ in this example):


You can set permissions for all members of a group.



5. You can now email the shared endpoint name (ranantha#demo) to the users who you shared with.

6. They can log into Globus, go the shared endpoint and access it. In this example, user rachana accesses the files as shown below, using the endpoint ranantha#demo.




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Matt Vander Werf - CRC
CRC - Center for Research Computing - Univ of Notre Dame Provider Plan

Is it possible that these instructions (especially the screenshots) could be updated to reflect the new(er) UI and other changes in regards to the Managing Permissions part, specifically when adding a new permission (whether that be the initial permission or additional permissions)?? The UI and the options available have changed quite a bit from the screenshots and instructions provided on this page! It would be very useful to refer this page to our users when they are creating shared endpoints (off our managed endpoint), but I can't really do that with these instructions being so out-of-date!

I've attached some screenshots of some of the parts (but not all of them) I'm referring to that need updating.

I would greatly appreciate updates to the instructions and screenshots on this page as soon as possible!!


October 31, 2014, 13:45
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Globus Team - Vas
globus support

Thanks for your note. We're in the process of updating this and many other pieces of documentation to reflect the current UI and system functionality. Apologies for the inconsistencies.

Best regards,

October 31, 2014, 13:50
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Matt Vander Werf - CRC
CRC - Center for Research Computing - Univ of Notre Dame Provider Plan

Thanks for your quick response Vas!

I did notice that some of your other pieces of documentation were out-of-date as well! Thanks for getting all your documentation updated to reflect the current UI and system functionality!

It would be greatly appreciated if you could let me know when this process of updating your documentation is finished!

Thanks again!!

October 31, 2014, 13:56