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Globus Connect Personal for Mac OS

Globus Team - Vas
posted this on May 24, 2013 13:46

Globus Connect Personal allows you to share and transfer files to and from your Mac laptop or desktop computer — even if it's behind a firewall. Follow the easy steps below to turn your Mac into a full-fledged Globus endpoint.


Click here to create a Globus Connect Personal endpoint and follow the instructions below.


  1. Enter a name for your endpoint. This name can be anything you choose, as long as you haven’t previously created another endpoint with the same name.
  2. Click “Generate Setup Key”.
  3. Select the generated key with your mouse and copy it to the clipboard.

  4. Click "for Mac OS X" to download the Mac installer.
  5. Double click the downloaded file it to open. You should see a ‘Globus Connect Personal’ volume attached and opened in the Finder. Drag the ‘Globus Connect Personal’ application to the Applications folder to install as shown below.


  6. Run 'Globus Connect Personal' from your Applications folder. Since this is the first time you are running Globus Connect Personal, you will see the Initial Setup window below where you are required to enter a setup key.


  7. Paste in the key you generated in step 2 above. The ‘OK’ button will be enabled if the key is valid. Click ‘OK’ to complete the installation. (If the ‘OK’ button is not enabled, please ensure you have properly copied the entire key generated in step 2 above.

After installation, Globus Connect Personalwill connect to Globus and wait for transfer and sharing commands. The application will appear as an icon on the Mac menu bar — as shown below — indicating Globus Connect Personalis running properly and is connected to Globus.


Globus Connect Personal for Mac OS X provides a number of user-configurable preferences, including customizing the look-and-feel and controlling access to your files. Details are available here.

Automatic Startup

By default, Globus Connect Personal does not automatically start when you boot or log in to your computer. If you would like the application to automatically start when you log in, please do the following:

  1. Go to System Preferences -> Accounts -> Login Items.
  2. Click the ‘+’ icon to add an entry.
  3. Browse to Applications/Globus Connect Personal.
  4. Click ‘OK’.

The above procedure works for Mac OS X versions 10.4 and later. You may follow a similar procedure on older versions.



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I could not find a link to download the Globus Connect

November 01, 2013 04:15
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Globus Team - Vas
globus support

Links to the Globus Connect installers are available here:


November 05, 2013 15:42
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Guillaume Lajoie

After upgrading from Globus Connect to the new Globus connect personal on my laptop, the new application will not launch. I tried re-downloading it but the same thing appends. I am running OSX 10.6. Any ideas how to fix this?

November 21, 2013 17:50
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Christina Jones

I am having the same issue on my mac, where after the update the application won't launch and so I can't access that endpoint. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

December 06, 2013 12:39
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Globus Team - Vas
globus support

Guillaume, Christina:

We've seen this issue on some rare occasions. Please try rebooting your machine and running the installer again. If that doesn't work, please open up a Terminal session and run the following on the command line:

rm -rf ~/.globusonline
rm ~/Library/Preferences/org.globusonline.Globus-Connect.plist

This will remove your Globus endpoint configuration, so please ensure you have no active transfers (note: it will _not_ affect the data on the endpoint). You will then need to recreate the endpoint by going to the Manage Endpoints page ( and clicking "add Globus Connect".

If you continue to experience problems, please send a note to and we will escalate the issue.


December 08, 2013 14:16